05 RAGBRAI Day 3

RAGBRAI Route Day 3

 Once again it’s easy to wake up early. Even with the donated blow up mattress we rolled and pitched. Up at 5:30, we got the tent and mattress down and out to the truck, ate a couple of bananas then took pics as the early risers headed out. Then the second group and we were right behind them at 7:08 AM. A couple of blocks in wonderful old residential neighborhoods and we were back into the flow of humanity called RAGBRAI. We have decided that RAGBRAI is the working man’s Tour de France. Cyclists come from all over to ride the largest PELATON in the world. You can ride fast or take your time. You experience every adversity imaginable for 7 days then go back to work with a new cycling jersey, “I rode RAGBRAI XXXVIII. Is it worth it? Through the pain, heat and sweat we’re beginning to think so.

Early Birds

Late Crew

The route, 60 miles to Clear Lake. Sounded easier than it turned out to be. We were pretty good until lunch, sandwiches in a little cafe. Then, as the afternoon heated up we headed up a slow incline against 16 MPH winds. That took some time. We stopped for water and Gatorade a few times. Then the down hill run with the wind, a 20 mph ride except that the road was cracked and a very rough. So rough that it shook my kick stand loose. Well all in all it is still a similar thrill as the Tour but here in Iowa.

Yellow Corn

Iowa Peliton

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  1. Laurel H. Yost says:

    Love the picture of “yellow corn”! Great! Reminded me of the movie made in Iowa at Dyersville, “Field of Dreams”. There were guys coming out of the corn field there too. Not for the same reason though. Be safe. Thanks for your wonderful daily blog. Hugs.

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