07 RAGRAI Day 6


RAGBRAI Route Day 6

Ridin' in Rain

Fear of rain drove us into the basement under the garage last night. The Host & Hostess were just great. We put the cushions from their chase lounges down. Too short but better than just out little mats and the concrete. Made for an early rising. We had our usual bananas then hit the road by 6:30, our earliest start to date. As we pushed out it began to sprinkle. We rolled back to where we’d left off yesterday and into the frey. More rain drops, bigger rain drops. By 8:00 we were in heavy rain.  it intensified as we road in the slowing pack.  At 9:00 it was really pouring and we were subjected to big bolts of lightening and horrendous claps of thunder. Cat fears a lightening strike. We sought refuge in a tractor barn with as many other as could pack in. It seemed to slow so we set off only to feel a stout headwind full of water.

We rolled in to Rowley, IA about 10:00 AM and again found shelter midst a shivering mass of cyclists. Cat began to shiver then shake. I went down the vendor row and a nice lady gave my 2 plastic bags. I cut holes and we got one over her head. The other was going to be mine. A caring couple, Dan & Betsy urged me to wrap it around Cat’s legs. Still she shook and her finger tips and lips were turning  blue. They wrapped one of the fireman’s coats around her then another around her legs. The fireman then had her come into a room and cranked up the heat. There were soon 6 other patients sitting on the floor wrapped in fireman’s coats. I tried and tried to get a call   

Cat 'n' Coat

out. Finally got tonight’s camp host on the line, he got Carolyn. Lost the call then got through again. She sent Mark and Mookie to the rescue. Took them 1 1/2 hours to get through the bike traffic and barricaded streets. We threw the bikes in the p/u bed and climbed in. Cat was really disappointed but as usual we decided that it just adds another dimension to the story.

On the way in Mark found a liquor store and bought a bottle of Drambuie. In camp he put it on the table and his father-in-law, Farmer John, began to whoop and holler. It was a sign that Mark and John’s daughter were pregnant. Lots of toasting, I even took a sip from John’s cup. Have I mentioned that these guys, especially the Marines, really know how to drink?  This led to music and celebration on the lawn.

We walked to the Casey Jr. Market and had sandwiches. Back at camp, Ray and Anne had rolled in so I retrieved the computer and here I sit. We are all chipping in for Pizza tonight. A great idea. Then we’re all expected to perform in a talent show. This could be interesting, very interesting. Good news, the one they call Crash for they say good reasons, went to the hospital in Algona and just got out today. Bad news the guy we saw in grave condition after a crash, has gone to his grave. He didn’t make it. Interesting, in the rain everyone including the pace lines slowed to a crawl.  

Cat had a great idea for dinner, she called and a local Chinese Restaurant delivered.  No line, no waiting, just good food.

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  1. Ron Kirby says:

    As they said on your world trip ” Are you CRAZY ?? ” By the time you get this, it will be over. Bev & I just returned from Laughlin so we missed you writings until today.Some kind of trip.Will you be like the Dodgers & say ” wait til next year ??”

    Welcome home

    • Pat says:

      YO Nikki

      Yup, crazy. No next time, we told all the Talleyranders it was a BUCKET LIST THING, once in a lifetime!!

      Be sure to watch the Marines in action on the Day 6-2 video!!

      P & C

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